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Friday, October 15, 2010

Scottish SuperYacht crusing

Weather (mistake and pun intended) it is a popular hangout or not in the Superyacht circuit,  it most certainly is a beautiful one. I can not imagine a better place to spend a Summer, in what one would assume is one of the quieter places to hang while on your yacht, Scotland.  I wonder if they went back this year ?

This is when your crew may really be put to the test as to whether (correct spelling) they can get along with each other, keep on top of things and provide that top service. Not the place you would want to be looking for a new Stew, Deckhand or Engineer. While Le Grand Bleu  is not looking too ready to attend an evening anchored of Cannes, St Tropez or Monaco, if Mr Shvidler was indeed aboard, it is great to see an owner going out and exploring more of the world than the standard circuits.

I would think an interesting Charter location for a summer.