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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Super Yacht Captain and Chiefs go at it!

Heated discussion re Chiefs on the Super Yachts vs merchant and then some. Is this a poor example of what it going on under the Owners nose, or a good example of a need for crew resource management.

The posts here  http://www.littleurl.net/9cfc  (you don't have to read all of them to get the gist), show a mixed bag of feelings and a lot of fixed mindsets. It gets one wondering, if this is going on, be it only in a small way on a few Yachts, is it not a good topic to talk about ? As crew turnover is relatively high, sooner or later some of this fixed mindset will get aboard bringing error with it. As Crew Resource Management is about people skills:
Situation Awareness.
Event,mission analysis.
And Yacht owners rely on their Captain and Management company to keep their lives and investment safe, poor people skills can let human factor creep in and human error can quickly become front and center.

In his paper 'A Mixed Crew Complement' Jan Horck (http://hdl.handle.net/2043/5962) says "Maritime literature and maritime casualty investigation reports more and more findings that human relations on a ship, before an accident, were not as they should be according to good seamanship or/and social relationships. Bad relationships have often been the result of bad communication, followed by misunderstandings rooted in lack of cultural awareness."

Awareness is paramount in good management, leadership and communication. Are these people skills being taught enough as Yacht size and so crew size grow ?