N2 People Skills

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is a healthy corporate culture and how would you go about building and maintaining one?

I answered this question on Linkedin  and wanted to share my answer here as I look at the Superyacht as a small organization.

"Mine would be one that understood the people that worked in it and one that the people understood each other. 

The word culture comes from the Latin word 'Cultura' "growing", a healthy culture is one that grows with the change of time, its workforce, and environment it lives in. In today's world of mixed cultured workforces, and call for corporate transparency, you must understand the people that are going to be making up your Corporate or organizational culture. The Corp or Org (SUPERYACHT) should go beyond the normal corporate thinking of fitting the person to the post and stopping there. It should go out of it's way to understand their employees and enable their employees to understand themselves better, (MBTI is a great tool for this) as individuals learning their strengths and weaknesses. Then and only then will the culture propagate itself on the idologies of the Corp (such as openness, trust, engagement and learning). 

The healthy Corp is one that fosters these things and understands that to produce the required outcome, whether it is product, produce or profit, the culture will be made up of people in units of teams that interact with other units of teams, (just as villages and towns and cities make countries) , these units make bigger teams that make the corporation and they need one another to reach the overall goal. By leaning who we are as individuals, and sharing our own individual cultures, we build stronger teams, better products and innovative ways to reach corporate or organizational goals, enabling the whole to exceed the sum of its parts. 

If we are to work in Corporations and Organizations and they are going to be healthy then we need to look after the parts and the interactions of those parts. To do this you must be open to learn, be given tools and training to use them and chances to learn, fail, learn, and grow. To be healthy". 

Whether a Company or Super Yacht, the pieces that enable these to be efficient and healthy are human factor pieces. What you get out is up to the employees (human factor), whether it is 10% or 90% engagement, good, bad , exceptional or unremarkable performance is up to them. How do you change this from being a roll of the dice ? Have a healthy corporate culture.

  Getting the intricate puzzle of human interrelationship to work well  is time consuming and can not be rushed, it must be adaptable so it can be taken apart and put together again with different pieces.

We have very different minds but many common problems, Human nature, Culture and Personality must all be considered in developing a healthy developmental training program that grows to become a healthy Corp culture.