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Monday, December 13, 2010

Superyacht charter, the good, bad and could be magnificent.

Celebrities such as  Hayden Panettiere, Roberto Cavalli, Angelina Jolie, Bono, President Sarkozy , Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Tiger Woods and George Clooney amongst others, may  spend anywhere from $200,000.00 to one Million dollars per week for a relaxing time aboard their Yacht, or chartering a Super yacht.

Most super yacht crew that provide the million dollar service looking after guests personal needs and safety aboard, are top notch professionals, well trained, and have a good command of people skills. The best of the best in the service industry. They have top level technical skills and qualifications to match to be able to run these large technical Super Yachts in a very professional manner. All this, and they live and work together in tight quarters performing in efficient teams.

When owners, or charter guests are aboard they are truly getting the best money can buy,  well most of the time. But there is always the other side of the coin, the bad pennies or rotten apples.

As the saying goes: All that glitter is not always gold, and interviews such as this one from the respected company  ‘The Yacht Report Group’ in their magazine ‘The Crew Report’ may have the above mentioned celebrities, and other Superyacht owners thinking a bit more about what goes on below decks.

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

There are many excellent, highly respected professionals out there working on some of the biggest most beautiful and costly Yachts in the world.  It is sad to think that some may leave the industry because of a few. A few crew that may just need some people skills development.

Crew have many resources available to them, but the most important and most valuable to them, and the super yacht owners are themselves, and their fellow crew members. Investing in a good crew is smart, making sure they have the skills required, and opportunity to grow, that is just good business sense. As Harvard Business Review puts it:
"Engage your staff — leverage their expertise, involve them in decisions and remind them of the shared responsibility to pull the organisation through the crisis".
 Or from Career Journal
"Studies by Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation among Fortune 500 CEOs found that 75% of long term job success depended on people skills and only 25% on technical skills."
Getting employee engagement works,  investment in crew development of people skills pays big dividends back into the workplace. With more crew getting pulled into the industry through articles like this from CNN the time for owners (especially charter yacht owners) to look a little deeper into their workforce and get involved may be soon.

Charterers have a broad list of Yachts to choose from today,  many newly launched Yachts become available to charter on their first season adding to charter competition, that and the options of partial ownership makes for a much harder charter market. Having the best, (and the same) crew aboard pays.

Good, bad or magnificent - Growth, or more of the same, owners choice.