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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Train your Super Yacht crew, don’t let them be mistreated

If you own, or are thinking of owning a Super Yacht, Large Motor Yacht, or large Sailing Yacht and do not realize the importance of your crew's mental health and environment that they live and work in, then you should BE WARNED.

The posts on this forum from Dockwalk should alert you to the not so welcome environments that can grow from insufficient crew training and development of critical non-technical people skills. Environment affects behavior and behavior is a prime determinant of system functionality. Poor crew moral leads to problems that can stay hidden until it is too late to see the original problem and they become much larger problems or create larger problems.

When you put the comments from the Dockwalk  forum together with an older post on this blog, owners may see that poor crew resource management can create not only added costs in turnover, but added safety awareness, security issues, and last but surly not least, over all owner and guest experience.

Human behavior is closely linked to the environment we live in. Create an environment where your crew can develop, learn, lead and succeed, and guarantee you are well looked after. Stay with a "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" and play the lottery to safety and enjoyment.

Maybe it will be fine-
Or maybe it won't.