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Friday, July 30, 2010

Economical Parking in London

You have to have a laugh in life every now and then, and this story in from the BBC is one that brought a smile to my face this morning.

I tweeted the link to it.

Don't you think that for about $100 the fine was more like a meter fee for the best parking in town (right outside Harrods). If your car is one of only 6 ever made, worth, according to the BBC, around 350,000 pounds sterling or more, and you needed to park it close to the shops, isn't right outside the store the best place.

70 Pounds for a safe (once clamped) and convenient (close to store) parking place, it's a London bargain!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Superyacht owners should look at this

The MLC 2006 - Has five major points it looks at :

  • Title 1: Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship
  • Title 2: Conditions of employment
  • Title 3: Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering
  • Title 4: Health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection
  • Title 5: Compliance and enforcement.

These are all important points that needed new input. But the reason they were looked into was more for the commercial side more than the Yachting industry. The Yachting industry as it is known today is about to change, for all that work in it, and are Employers in it, (Yacht Owners.)

The old days of getting rid of crew in a day because they were not living up to expectations are soon to be gone. Stories of crews being told they are all to be off the Yacht by the lunch will be put into the history books, and a new era of Crews that have been with their employer for years, not seasons, will hopefully begin.

There are many points in the MLC 2006 that have flexibility, and for any soon to be Yacht owner that is thinking of buying, or building a Super Yacht, you would be well advised in having your lawyer look at this document now, not after it has been ratified. There is going to be a lot of changes in how Yachts are supplied with crew, and where the pool of crew will be coming from.

YACHT crew of today would also be well advised to do the same, there is going to be new competition on the way from the other side of the maritime labor market. The commercial side which the yachting industry as far as the crew is concerned is soon to be a part of. All seafarers together. Working and competing together for the good jobs in the Maritime world.

Or maybe not, you make the call. But either way, anyone that makes their living in the Super Yacht world, or is an employer (Yacht Owner) would be advised to look at this document now before it is to late.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A fictitious scenario. Two deck crew and an afternoon with guests

Aboard a 50m Yacht.

Tim a deck-hand is an (I) introverted. He shares a cabin with Bob and (E) extraverted.

Tim and Bob were out in one of the tenders with Guests, Mr and Mrs Wave, wake boarding. Mrs Wave does not seem to stop talking, first about Mr Wave and how this was just his second time out, and that he was always so good at sports and everything he did, etc, etc, etc, ....................... So the conversation goes on for most of the afternoon, when it isn’t Mrs Wave chatting, it is Mr Wave who is talking to Tim. (Tim is the wake-boarding expert.)

Tim is in his element in the conversation (Mr Wave had asked for Tim to take them out to get some pointers) and interacts with the Wave’s who both have a preference for extraversion, and never seem to stop asking Tim questions and talking, a lot, and always to Tim!

This to Tim while enjoyable, (he loves wake boarding and teaching it) has been exhausting. Not physically, but psychologically. Tim has had to spend a lot of time out of preference, remember he is an (I). And as it happens so did Bob, he is the (E) and is hardly even acknowledged by Mr & Mrs Wave as they are absorbed by Tim and his knowledge.

So they head back to drop the Wave’s off for cocktails aboard. The tender needs a quick wash off and a chamois.

So here we have two possible ends;

(a) Two crew that have little, if any idea of self awareness and psychological type.

(b) Two crew that have been through our workshop and have learnt how different a situation can be from different perspectives and understand each others needs.


  • Tim just wants to chill out in his own way and Bob just wants to explode in conversation. They may both clean the tender up while Bob spends the whole time talking, “ I can’t believe they said this and that” etc,etc,etc. Tim meanwhile would like to tell Bob to shut up and ? At the end of it they are both annoyed at each other and still have to share a cabin. Nether really knowing why they are mad at each other, they just feel tired and annoyed.

Or. A better solution

  • As the Wave’s get aboard and Tim and Bob start to get things stowed, Bob asks Tim if he wants to wash the tender down and chamois it off on his own, (Bob understands that Tim needs to chill). Tim greets this with a smile and asks Bob if he would help one of the Stewardess’s that he was meant to help later (Tim knows Bob needs to talk). Bob is happy as this will give him the opportunity to chat about his day to another (E).

While this is only looking at one set of dichotomies, I hope it gives you a sense of how easily a situation can get misunderstood if we have a lack of self awareness and understanding of preferences.

I originally posted this on Dockwalk.com and did get one unfortunate reply from a more fixed mindset type of person.

See below;

who the hell would hire somebody who got exhausted by conversing with the guests, stopping them is the problem.