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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confidentiality on a Super Yacht & chartering ?

Personal electronics are abound and many Super Yachts have internet connections world wide. Add to that, high turnover of Yacht crew and it makes you wonder how long will it be until a comment or picture turns up on the internet, when its not wanted. SEE THIS

Does your yacht have a 'Crew Development Plan,' and so create 'yacht appeal' for crew to stay and grow with you.

Smart charterers may want to check out how long the crew have been together when looking at a $300k+ a week charter. And owners would surely see running costs go down as longevity goes up.

Are you covered ?

Start with a workshop and build to a full CDP .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tragedy of super yacht crew death


First to be said, my sincere condolences to family and friends of the crew member.

A solution, better care to "scheduled maintenance" yes. But as the late Systems Thinker Russell Ackoff said in his book 'Systems Thinking for Curious Managers.” There are four ways of treating a problem- absolution, resolution, solution, and dissolution - and the greatest of these is dissolution"

"To solve a problem involves a change in behavior of the organization that has the problem, but leaves the nature of the organization or its environment unchanged"

Better scheduled maintenance, new cables maybe. (There are still other ways to fall.)

But to dissolve it is " to redesign the organization that has the problem or its environment so the problem is eliminated and cannot reappear."

Better maintenance and better adherence to policy and procedures a start, but with an open form of communication in Crew Resource management. Perhaps there was a sudden need to be riding the PWC while it is being lowered but with the type of sling that is shown in the picture of the PDF from Cayman I Reg, there is also risk of slippage, surely the idea is safety first, possible damage to vessel second.

This accident seems like it was preventable as are most accidents that are linked to the human element and human error. Better understanding or risks associated with equipment and the operation of heavy equipment and open communication, there is always someone whose risk tolerance is lower than others and they should feel open to speaking up.

Whatever the case in this accident it has happened and it is a sad day for all, but let us learn from it and pass those lessons onto others.

Again my sincere condolences,

Safe seas,

Simon Harvey