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Monday, March 7, 2011

Unlock Hidden Potential Aboard Your Superyacht

A great video to push the point that failure is one of the most powerful ways to learn. It also reasons that for those that have an open, or growth mindset, there is no ceiling to potential.

When NASA solicited applications for astronauts, they rejected those with pure histories of success and instead selected people who had had significant failures but bounced back from them. Learning is not in the act of failure but in the recognition and awareness to see what was wrong, and make the necessary adjustments to develop ability.   As we gain new knowledge we build new skills with practice, and as we do this we are building ourselves a better brain.

In his book "The Brain that Changes Itself" Norman Doidge,MD shows us just how positive thinking and an open mindset can grow our brain.

Get stuck with a fixed mindset, of 'we are, who we are, and will never be anything more' and run what systems thinkers call a balancing feedback loop, just doing enough to get by, and keep potential at unexceptional.

Change that mindset to an open one,  step up to running a new system, (a reinforcing feedback loop),  where the Michael Jordan's, and Barbara Arrowsmith Young's worked their magic by using the amazing plasticity of the brain and seeking new knowledge and skills. Jordon did not sit back with unexceptional, or in Ms Arrowsmith's case with the label of "Retarded". They got back up and pushed for more knowledge, failing sometimes, but staying self aware and pushing for growth, developing ability, and emerging as leaders.

Leaders with a growth mindset are needed at all levels of organizations, and no more so than aboard today's superyachts. With large young crews living and working in tight quarters, looking after the lives of some of the world's wealthiest people, Super yacht owners and  management companies may want to think about creating a Yacht culture that prizes the development of ability, self examination, open communication and teamwork, and root out elitism and groupthink.

Teach with an open growth mindset and make sure your managers are committed to the development of the rest of the crew. Super Yacht crew are what stands between unexceptional and exceptional. Don't wait, unlock the potential you have aboard.