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Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Important Points for a Magnificent Relationship with Your Super Yacht

Superyacht owners; before you rush into itinerary mode, calling friends to join you aboard your new Superyacht, you should take note of some tips from past experiences.

No, these aren't tips to get you a better berth in St Tropez or Monaco. These are tips to make sure you get the most from your investment in Superyacht ownership.

As the name and price implies, a Superyacht should offer a large return on investment (ROI); in relaxation, personal enjoyment, entertainment and exploration, for all owners casual or discriminating owner.

And if you are reading this, you likely put yourself in the more discriminating category. So trust us when we say that these 3 points will make for a more pleasurable Superyacht ownership experience.

There are somewhere around 40,000+ crew in the industry, a melange of players from different cultures, age ranges and experience.  You may have heard unbelievable stories, seen accidents caught on film that seem made up, and read bulletins of fatalities on Flag State web sites. It can all seem overwhelming and off-putting.
But these events while true, are mostly avoidable, the result of missing human factor training and development. 

These three key points below are places where you can gain great leverage to a stress free owner/crew/Yacht relationship, a successful and magnificent relationship with your Super Yacht.

1.The Captain is your CEO, personal vetting is essential.

  • Take all the time and effort selecting your Captain as you did selecting your closest employee, whether a CEO,CFO or PA. Life aboard a Superyacht provides situations that require some big decisions other than navigation and maintenance. 
  • Captain’s account for large sums of money and deal with crew and guest interpersonal issues, they are there for your safety and enjoyment and your guests. Your Captain is going to have a lot going on and the relationship you have with them, will affect your entire ownership experience.
  • Crew and equipment issues happen; the best Captain’s turn issues into learning and innovation, situations into harmony, complexity into simplicity. If you feel at all uneasy about the person dealing with these types of details, then your experience will never be relaxed.

2.Take a personal regard as to crew selection.
  • Crew are everywhere aboard your Superyacht, they make more of an impact on your experience than the weather, location, or Yacht.
  • Captains don’t want to change crew any more than you want to see new faces aboard, unless they are your guests. Personalized professional service comes from an intimate professional relationship, not a constant change of heads.
  • Time and effort in crew selection is a step that some owners leave entirely to their Captain, and while this may be fine for a Captain that has been with you for several years, one that you just employed has little personal experience of you or your personal preferences. Extra time spent at this stage will save you a lot of aggravation later. 

3.Training and development of the Human Factor (Your Crew).
  • You can put the very best technical players in the world together and hope they will make a world class team. Or put a selection of people together, provide the best training, development and time to practice, and insure your group will develop into the world class team you should expect.
  • Experienced Captains may have the non-technical people skills that are so important in dealing with the human factor, but does the rest of the crew, and have they all been working together as a unit for years. Individual, leadership, relationship and team development are essential to managing resources aboard.
  • In any day an individual crew member can become a functional leader. Enhanced knowledge of human factors and development of Crew Resource management (CRM) skills and attitudes, could extricate Superyacht operation from incipient accidents and incidents.

In many other industries such as aviation, Coastguard and Navy, this type of (CRM) training and development is mandatory.
Today the Superyacht owner is free to do their own, non-technical training (CRM), and customize it specifically to vessel, crew and owner preferences. How are you supposed to enjoy your Superyacht if you're worried about accidents being on your Yacht, or dealing with crew issues. Give selection, training and development your attention.

Ask yourself: Why did you get into Yachting in the first place, was it to deal with issues?

That's what we thought. ☑