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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Luxury Hotels & Resorts meet Super Yacht Ownership

In the 195 pages of what is mostly pictorial form, a popular Super Yacht magazine has over 200 pictures of Super Yachts. In only 8 of these pictures is there any sign of a crew member.

If you view some of the top Hotel & Resort web sites and brochures, your will find similar comparisons, multiple pictures of beauty and tranquility, but void of service personnel.

While this may not be earth shattering news, the point is how luxury is sold. We are tempted with the bait, tranquility, beauty, visions of serenity. “Here is a scene, now imagine yourself in it.”

The pictures rely on memes and these memes activate an emotional connection, luxury tranquility, beauty, moments of serenity = happiness and desire. These personal (visual) connections are created to invite the viewer to dream and accept an invitation.

Now if we look at the hospitality business in the form of a floating iceberg, the top above water being service provided, and the bottom being resources, supplies, training and development of staff etc. there are some interesting comparisons to be made.

Where the Hotel & Resort customer, (as the consumer), is using and enjoying that top third, the Super Yacht owner is in a very different environment. They, while enjoying their service (top third), also have to deal with the bottom two thirds as well. Why? Because they have become both consumer, and provider. Not only this, but Yacht owners have little to gauge their level of service, as employers and consumers, they do not have other consumers there to let them know that service is not up to par, to offer reviews on what continual change in staff feels like, or that their service was OK but not as good as the M/Y “Other”.  No the Super Yacht owner, as privileged as they may appear are caught in somewhat of a catch 22.

While ownership is a wonderful experience, you only have to have had employees somewhere down the road to understand that sooner or later the human factor will raise its ugly head, perhaps pull the best staff down and leave you with the end bits. Or a situation will get blown out of proportion and you may have to change staff.This is where the successful Hotel & Resort companies over the years have learnt what it takes to stay on top when dealing with the human factor and quality personal service. They know that without good training and development, all the technical skills in the world will only get you technically proficient service, fine if you are a middle of the road Hotel chain, but it will not get you to the top, where you can constantly provide top luxury personal service, tranquility, beauty and moments of serenity.

Super Yacht ownership should be the epitome of personal relaxation and enjoyment, complete with a staff that takes care of, and understands your every unspoken want and need. Magically there when needed, and gone when not required. There is no reason why ownership of a Super Yacht should not feel like you have you own personal entourage of genies.

If you are one of the lucky ones and have had a crew that have grown and developed those skills that top Hotel & Resorts train and develop in their staff, then ask yourself how much better your experience could be with a custom developed personal development plan, one that would take your crew to the next level. And if you are not so lucky, then wait no longer, take a page from those luxury Hotels & Resorts and start enjoying the level of service and financial efficiency you deserve.

Call your management company today and get a program set up. Managing those resources is part of ownership but should not be part of the experience, don’t run on yesterdays system, install an upgrade, run a new operating system that will blow the competition out of the water and allow you to truly relax.