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Monday, May 16, 2011

34th America's Cup Ramping up

Exciting opportunities explained today May 18th at the American Super Yacht Forum by Niccolo Porzio Camporotondo, director of the Superyacht program for the 34th America's Cup Event Authority.

The America's Cup is not just be making it's way back to the USA to be raced, but may actually become an exciting event to watch again. And if you happen to be an owner of a Superyacht, the event  is looking like it could be (depending on Oracle retaining the cup) the start to an exciting and exhilarating event for Superyachts to attend for years to come in the USA.

With a new course being looked at as small as one mile by three quarters of a mile, it should make for some exciting racing such as have never been seen before. Superyachts will create an arena of sorts for the new monster cats to race past, bringing the action up close and personal.

This type of short course for these big cats is sure to offer some of the best spectator sailing action even seen, and with an itinerary of 14 days at the beautiful city of San Francisco, Superyacht owners may just want to jump on what should turn out to be THE place to be for 2013.

Owners can take advantage of a Captains Advisory Committee and different levels in ways and places to watch the racing.

The 34th America's Cup web site has all of details and news on seeing some of the best sailors and racing machines in the world.

If you ever wanted an excuse to take your Superyacht to the West coast of the US, this has to be the perfect one Don't get left out of what should prove to be a historic event.

A F1 match race on water. Will the USA hold onto the Cup ?